Tips for Scaling Your Business While Working Remotely – Introducing the 2020 Summer Scale Series


In my 15 years of business, I may not have seen or done it all, but I’ve seen and done a lot.

With all of the uncertainty in our world right now, there’s been a serious uptick in the number of people are asking me for tips and advice about everything from setting up a home office filing system to content creation and podcasting.

That’s why I’m SO excited to announce the pilot of my new Summer Scale Series – 90-minute group sessions where you can get a comprehensive answer to your specific question without the cost of a full, one-hour consultation.

And right now you can take advantage of this introductory offer for only $27.99!

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Click the registration button.
  2. Enter the form details, including your question.
  3. Receive an initial confirmation with a private link to the group call.
  4. Login to the call on June 17 at 4pm ET.
  5. Listen for your question as I answer it and take notes!
  6. Collaborate with others on the call.
  7. Receive a copy of the call’s recording for future reference.

We expect a high response, so make sure you register and submit your question by June 10 to make sure it is answered live on the call.

What makes this group session unique is that it’s all about YOU! Literally. Don’t worry about sitting through another drawn out presentation or some boring meeting where most of the information doesn’t apply to you.

I guarantee you this session will be highly interactive and structured to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Keep in mind that my answers to your questions will be from a process or workflow perspective and will include specific resources and recommendations to act on immediately.

Don’t keep this to yourself! Spread the word to your friends and colleagues who can also benefit. If they have questions about me or my credentials, just point them here for more info:

We’re going to do this! Together.

See you on July 17, 2020!

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