Learn how to effectively transform your crazy-growing-pains business into a scalable, smooth operation.

Stop the Chaos. Start the Joy.

Life before the Smooth Operator Masterclass means failed audits, high internal turnover, angry customers, ruining your reputation in the business community, drowning in business, depression, anxiety…all the telltale signs of a small business bursting at the seams to become a large one.

Leveraging the Smooth Operator Masterclass means you’ll get all the tools you need to streamline your back-office operations and train your staff with new processes so you can continue growing without the heartburn. You’ll learn how to set your growing business up for success, obtain a new way of thinking that’ll catapult your organization to the next level you always dreamt it should grow to and gain the freedom you deserve.

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Calm the chaos… Streamline your processes…Become a business-expanding rockstar…Learn how to effectively transform your crazy-growing-pains business into a scalable, smooth operation.

Meet Your Guide

Hey Smooth Operator!
I’m Alicia. I built this Smooth Operator Masterclass to save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year. I don’t want to see you or any entrepreneur fail just when things begin moving forward. This is why I’m so excited to share in your journey towards extraordinary growth.

Here’s What You’ll Get

You’ll receive a series of emails with links to audio episodes. Some of the audio episodes contain a narrated story of an entrepreneur navigating the challenges of a fast-growth organization. These stories are relatable and feature specific work that the entrepreneur and a consultant do to stabilize operations and make way for sustainable and profitable  scale. The other audio episodes contain the detailed steps you can follow to achieve similar results.

Emily Miller is the founder of a growing non-profit organization. She’s received notice that the Board of Directors wants to replace her. They think she doesn’t have the skills to scale the non-profit to the next level. She meets a consultant who teaches how to use a Business Parts Analysis to prove she has what it takes. Discover how to create a Business Parts Analysis that ensures you attract the right talent at the right time.

How Your Business Will Grow

Analyze Your Business Inside Out.

I’ll teach you how to create a Business Parts Analysis – the first key element in building your business infrastructure so you too can have Smooth Operations.

Reimagine Your Infrastructure.

Sometimes all it takes is a reframing, a reimagining, of how your business should operate and the infrastructure it takes to support it. You’ll get inspiration for that too.

Document Your Processes.

Big companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants like me to do this for them. I’m going to teach you to do it for yourself.

Relaunch Your Business Fresh.

Now that you’re set up to properly handle the growth you’re experiencing, you can experience the joy of the other side: what it’s like to be a real Smooth Operator!


This is the ONLY  time you will be able to join our private online community where you can get your specific business infrastructure and operations management questions answered as well as network with fellow entrepreneurs also navigating growing pains. Join us in this confidential space where we share practical tips for making sure you have the resources you need to meet increased demand for your products or services.


When you join by June 30, 2022 you will become a part of our Founders 50 – an exclusive, VIP group of savvy founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders who will receive lifetime discounts on future online courses, products, and other perks. But hurry, we’re only accepting 50 people.

What Smooth Operators Alumni Are Saying

I like to thank Alicia Butler Pierre for her workshop on Business infrastructure, through MindValley. It was so insightful. I have been working as a freelancer for a long time, but have decided to build a business around a concept called True North. And the work made my mind spin, trying to do everything by myself currently. This absolutely was an eye opener, and great start for me to dive into the structure of my business and create space for me to focus on what I really want to focus on, building my dream.

Ingeborg Oosterhuis

“Alicia’s audio mastercourse is such a necessary resource for business owners looking to grow and scale. Workflows and operations are easily pushed to the back burner when you have a massive vision and mission in mind; however, you’ll have a very difficult time achieving that vision and mission without these necessary pieces. Tune in for great tips and strategies along your journey!”

Kate T.

I was introduced to Alicia through her podcast & YouTube show. I’ve always admired her willingness to freely share her knowledge with others! …Alicia delivered a great, informative, and actionable training on Business Infrastructure! Alicia is truly a phenomenal teacher, trainer, presenter & workshop host!

Ericka Bates

Your Smoothness is Waiting.

There’s no better time to direct and control your business path than right now. The free (for a limited time only) Smooth Operator Masterclass will give you the resources to turn chaos, frustration and a depressing situation into the dream of a business you always imagined. Don’t put your life on hold.

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