Discover the Secrets of Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 companies pay millions of dollars to access the closely guarded secrets contained in this book to manage fast growth and avoid catastrophic collapse. The angst and frustration for most owners of fast growing small businesses is that you don’t have millions of dollars to hire high priced consultants or you cannot find a resource to point you in the right direction for sustainable operations…until now!

Behind the Facade gives you the framework to build a solid foundation upon which your business can successfully grow without the fear of losing control and ultimately suffering in silence. This book was written exclusively for you, the owner of a fast growing small business!

About the Author

Alicia Butler Pierre is the founder and CEO of Equilibria, Inc., where she first formulated the Kasennu methodology for her clients (detailed in the Behind the Facade book). She has since successfully applied this methodology in over 30 different industries and counting. Alicia has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University and an MBA from Tulane University. Alicia’s ability to blend scientific, business and mathematical methodologies to solve complex operational problems enables her to bring a unique, tactical and realistic perspective to her clients including The Coca-Cola Company, Lowe’s and Shell Oil Company.