231: International Business | Doing Business in Australia with Jules Brooke

Jules Brooke is on a mission to amplify the voices of women entrepreneurs, especially those over 40. It’s her drive, ambition, and persistent determination to blaze new trails that attribute to her success in graphic design, sales, and public relations. With so much to learn from her, it’s an honor to have her be our guide to Australia, the next country on our audio tour this season.

By the time she was twelve years old, Jules already experienced living in different countries and adapting to different cultures – experiences that might take a lifetime for others. Shortly after, her family relocated to Australia. Though she moved to England as an adult and did a bit more traveling around the world, there was something about Australia that kept tugging at her heartstrings.

In this episode, Jules shares what makes Australia a great place to start, grow, and scale a business. She specifically explains her own entrepreneurial journey in starting her company, Handle Your Own PR, as well as her She’s the Boss show which has evolved into a movement.

And the resources – oh, the resources! Jules offers a comprehensive list of resources sure to get you headed in the right direction. If you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to do business in Australia or with Australian businesses, then this episode is for you!

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You don’t have to grow alone! We can do this. Together.

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A valuable resource!

Tune in for tactical insights and actionable steps on scaling, improving processes, and more! Alicia is an excellent interviewer, with a deep understanding of how small businesses can achieve controlled growth. With Business Infrastructure, she’s created an incredibly valuable resource for small business owners and operators!


Your partner in growth

Alicia’s podcast is such a necessary resource for business owners looking to grow and scale. Workflows and operations are easily pushed to the back burner when you have a massive vision and mission in mind; however, you’ll have a very difficult time achieving that vision and mission without these necessary pieces. Tune in for great tips and strategies along your journey!


Amazing interviewer

Love the conversations. Engaging interviewing style. Looking forwarding to more episodes.