How to Reinvent Your Personal Brand from Obscurity to Visibility

Setting up a business can be an exciting experience which may occasionally come with immediate success. However, the initial traction tends to plateau to a frustrating point of obscurity leading to more constraints for entrepreneurs, consultants or coaches.

Dorie Clark shares her mind-blowing experience of working as a newspaper reporter, to becoming a presidential political campaign spokesperson onto being recognized as the number one communications coach in the world. Dorie’s fascinating story demonstrates how you can unveil your business from that dark corner into the limelight.

Dorie exposed in-depth details in this interview on Business Infrastructure Podcast:

Step up and take the gauntlet to learn how you can scale your personal brand to becoming a behemoth in its industry with these 3 tips from Dorie:

#1. Increase your Visibility through Finding your Product Market Fit

In the early days of starting your business, most entrepreneurs seek to establish a niche market by engaging in non-scalable things such as identifying your customers and people. It is also an intensive chore of understanding how your products can fit into the right market to knowing the needs of your customers in order to get the data that you need to scale.

Then comes the need of building a base around your customers, audience and clients. Working with a strategy at this point becomes imperative, as it would help you scale by creating a business infrastructure in order to convert new leads and establish your brand.

#2. Establish Processes to Efficiently Manage your Business Growth

Keeping track of various parts of business operations as you scale becomes tedious and cumbersome without the right processes and strategies to manage them. Onboarding a Virtual Assistant is one way of handling this effectively as it forces you to systemize those processes. This helps you keep track of loose ends or holes in your process.

Also, get the right coaches and mentors by immersing yourself in your professional community to identify those who can guide and help you to develop key skills where you lack.

You can also create processes to effectively manage your books and invoices using an Excel spreadsheet or any accounting software. It helps you keep track of the inflow and outflow of your money as you scale your business and maintain effective financial management.

#3. Develop a Streamlined Communication Process

You can systematically manage your communications as you reinvent your personal brand while scaling your business through tagging and segmentation of information shared with your customers, or audience. You must also ensure that your outbound communications include relevant information in order to sustain long-term engagement with your customers. For example, using Convert Kit for email newsletters, it makes it really easy to tag people in a behavioral sense.

Final Thoughts

Reinventing your personal brand like Dorie in order to scale your growth can be challenging. However, you can leverage the experiences of successful people, get the assistance of mentors or coaches as well as gain access to resource material, which includes books and podcasts that will help you attain a preeminent position in your industry.

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