Going Above and Beyond to Build a Diverse Workplace – a Conversation with Shellye Archambeau

Leadership is fundamental to building a strong business infrastructure as well as having a diverse workforce while managing relationships and maintaining a reliable network of people. Always remember that you can look to the accomplishments of others in your field for inspiration to advance your goals.

Have you ever been frustrated about your company’s growth? You may wonder why your seemingly strong network and ecosystem of colleagues, clients, customers, vendors, and employees isn’t helping you and your team achieve certain targets and goals. There could be many reasons for his including the degree of transparency, delegation, and diversity you’ve implemented.

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For example, how many back-office or non-revenue generating tasks have you delegated to meet your client deadlines and company objectives as a leader? Have you assigned the right metrics to ascertain your company’s performance?

Shellye Archambeau, former CEO of MetricStream and author of Unapologetically Ambitious, Take Risks, Break Barriers, and Create Success on Your Own Terms, one of Fortune’s 10 best business books in 2020, reveals important strategies and lessons you can apply to boost your network, delegate effectively, and improve your your leadership style.

She explains how in this interview on the Business Infrastructure Podcast:

In this article, we’ll cover diversity in the workplace, setting specific metrics, and how you can maximize delegation as a business leader.

The Benefits of a Diverse Workforce and Metrics Setting

Diversity in the workplace involves having a whole range of people with different racial, ethnic, gender, age, ability, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds with variation in lifestyles, experiences, and interests. As one of the first black female CEOs of a high-tech company in Silicon Valley, Archambeau says, “Diversity is both a scale and spectrum.” So, having a diverse organization can stimulate creativity and innovation in your workplace.

Archambeau also believes it’s important to measure performance when implementing diversity initiatives because businesses rely on goals and targets. This is where you can identify and set your metrics. As a business leader, you already know the importance of measuring everything from revenue growth and profitability to employee and customer satisfaction.

Now, you can set targets on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the workforce and measure against other companies in your industry to determine performance. Metrics are important because you cannot know how your business is performing unless you have a benchmark to compare them against. Diversity metrics are just as important to measure and monitor as you set intentions to scale operations.

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A Unique Approach to Delegation

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by a myriad of responsibilities, from generating profit to meeting payroll and continuously innovating to stay ahead of competition. It’s easy to get “caught in the weeds” and forget the need to delegate certain responsibilities.

As your small business grows and eventually scales, you simply will not have the bandwidth to do everything yourself. Delegation and diversity both become critical for survival in this digital age of business.

Delegation is not just about blindly assigning tasks to your team but giving them a process on how they can accomplish a given task. This ensures quality control and a consistently positive customer experience.

Final Thoughts

Building the right network is very important as it involves cultivating relationships with people who can do things for you, even when it is inconvenient for them. Also, adopting a servant-leadership approach is more effective in leading your diverse teams as it builds loyalty. Diversity is paramount to gaining the maximum potential for creativity and innovation.

You should also learn how to receive feedback about your products or services. You need to fall in love with the market to keep in touch with the latest trends as you scale your business.

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