A Short Guide to HR Process Automation for Small Businesses

People are unarguably one of the greatest assets of any organization. It’s no wonder, then, that Human Resources are at the center of every business venture and a critical element of business infrastructure. In order to properly harness HR processes efficiently, small businesses require specialized platforms, tools, and skills. Entrepreneurs who pay little attention to it, struggle to support and scale their businesses.

Jason Cavness, Founder & CEO – CavnessHR

Jason Cavness, the Founder and CEO of CavnessHR developed a Software as a Service (Saas) platform specifically to address HR needs in growing small businesses.

He’s been a guest twice on the Business Infrastructure podcast. In his most recent interview, he shares details about how CavnessHR supports small businesses with 49 or fewer employees.

What is CavnessHR?

CavnessHR is an HR-based software designed to deliver HR support to small businesses that have 49 or fewer employees through a voice-enabled AI platform in partnership with an HR business partner. CavnessHR assists entrepreneurs and small business owners in fulfilling HR compliance requirements while saving significant time and money in recruiting and onboarding a full-time HR Director.

The type of HR support CavnessHR delivers is based on your company’s location and industry. This technology provides you with access to the latest information, changes, and updates in HR-related or employee-related laws and policies to always keep you informed and in compliance.

A New Paradigm for Human Resources: Old HR vs. New HR
There is a stark difference between the traditional (old HR) and modern (new HR) approaches to HR. With old HR, the Human Resource personnel within a company knows little or nothing about what goes on in other departments of the same company. This structure creates silos and goes against a key responsibility of HR which requires keep keeping track of activities throughout the entire company.

Old HR also offers no room for flexibility in enforcing company policies. For example, an employee may be terminated without cause, explanation, or investigation to determine the source of the original offense.

New HR on the other hand takes a more progressive approach and tries to find out the circumstances that led to an employee not following company policy. Additionally, corrective action is provided to prevent future misunderstandings. In other words, old HR is a strict enforcer of the company’s policies and procedures without room for flexibility while new HR is more progressive and flexible.

HR For Companies That Have 49 Or Fewer Employees
CavnessHR offers solutions based on the number of people you work with and manage. This can include full-time and part-time employees, freelancers, interns, and independent contractors. The maximum number of people that their solution applies to is 49. This is because there are significant changes to HR policies for companies with 50 or more employees.

The standard service package includes an Employee handbook, HR policies, job descriptions, and an onboarding process, all customized for your company. Additionally, your company is paired with an HR business partner who is capable of providing specific answers to compliance-related questions unique to your business.

How it Works
CavnessHR automates HR tasks for your business by providing you access to a dedicated HR business partner as well as other management tools. When you sign up on the platform, you are sent a set of questions that enable the team at CavnessHR to set up your account. They begin drafting your employee handbook and HR policies in line with the laws and regulations of the state your business is located. Whatever HR-related documentation you need (e.g., an offer letter) can also be created through the software.

As previously mentioned, a CavnessHR account also comes with a dedicated account manager or HR partner. You can always contact that person for any HR assistance and receive responses quickly. All you need do is describe the specific situation you have a question about and your selected HR partner will provide you with recommendations. It is worth noting that your HR partner is not the decision-maker, as the leader you make the final decisions for your business based on their recommendations.

Final Thoughts

Given that every year American small businesses lose a collective $27 billion USD or roughly $10,000 USD per employee, CavnessHR can be deployed to revolutionize and streamline HR operations while providing you with the opportunity to spend time working on your business rather than in it. This platform is for employees, independent contractors, or freelancers that you may hire for your small business.

Sign up on CavnessHR to be part of their beta testing today. Subscribers of the business infrastructure podcast receive three months of free HR services.

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