079: Dissolving Toxic Partnerships with Dr. Lew Bayer


When Dr. Lewena Bayer and her friend worked in hospitality, they complained to each other about how rude people were.  They never imagined they would start a company to teach civility in the workplace. But nearly 10 years into the business, their partnership would end when Lew learned of her partner’s illegal actions.  In this episode, Lew explains how she retained most of the rights to the company since she had documented the majority of the I.P. Now her company includes over 400 affiliates in 46 countries. Listen to the advice she gives for the value of painstakingly documenting processes and why she says job descriptions are not just “unnecessary paperwork.”

Special Guest: Dr. Lew Bayer, CEOCivility Experts Worldwide, Inc.

Location:  Winnipeg, Manitoba  CANADA

Air Date: January 12, 2020


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