050: Sparking Innovation & Sales via Intrapreneurship with Carl E. Reid


In an ever-changing economic landscape, it’s difficult for small businesses to find salespeople willing to work on mostly commission.  Have you ever thought about empowering your existing employees to become intrapreneurs?   IBM started this concept of intrapreneurship as an affordable, alternative way to foster innovation and sales while bringing new products and services to market faster.  In this episode, technology and leadership development consultant Carl E. Reid defines what an intrapreneur is and shares how he develops intrapreneurship programs to help clients dramatically increase their sales.  Learn why the edification process is key to maximizing the outcome.

Special Guest: Carl E. Reid, Founder & CEO – Savvy Intrapreneur

Location:  New York, NY  USA

Air Date: June 16, 2019



    • How to Gain Strength from Your Network in Challenging Times: see video below

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