035: Positioning Front Line Leadership for Success


As your small business grows, it will eventually need a layer of middle management.  These front line leaders are the change agents who ensure the execution of your company’s growth strategy.  But they cannot live their proverbial best life unless you, as the top leader, help them realize their best work.  In this episode, leadership consulting expert Victoria Rodgers stresses the importance of putting “people before business.”

Discover the mindset shift required of both entrepreneurs-turned-executives and individual contributors-turned-supervisors-managing-others to cultivate operational excellence.  Victoria even makes the case for why business infrastructure is key to ensuring the right people are in the right roles and why even the best business processes aren’t always enough to keep good people around.  This episode is jammed packed with information so you’ll definitely want to download it for ongoing reference!

Special Guest: Victoria Rodgers, Market Development Director at TiER1 Performance Solutions.

Air Date: February 24, 2019


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