087: Growing Past Bootstrapping with Chitra Lele


After getting blacklisted from a Silicon Valley company, Chitra Lele decided to start her own software consultancy. She realized entrepreneurship was the only way to achieve her vision of working for profit, people, and the planet. But it required capital and lots of it. So she and her team sprang into self-funding action. In this episode, Chitra details the people, processes, tools, and techniques she and her firm relied on to grow past the bootstrapping phase and on to scaling up.

Special Guest: Chitra Lele, CEOChitra Lele & Associates

Location:  Coventry, West Midlands  UK

Air Date: March 8, 2020


    • Chitra’s Books:

The 6 Spheres of Life: Unlocking the Door to Success and Happiness
Waltz to the Future: A Divine Dance of 30 Perfumed Poems
Corruption in India: Causes, Effects, and Reforms
Weapons of Mass Destruction: The New Face of Warfare
Call Center Essentials: A Practical Guide to Real-Time Results
English Language: The Gateway to Global Growth
Organizational Democracy: Collaborative Team Culture – Key to Corporate Growth

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  • Wired.com: a site dedicated to how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics.
  • IndiaMentor: an online community for Indian mentors in various fields.
  • DailyOM: a site featuring content and online courses offering a universal approach to holistic living for the mind, body, and spirit and supports people who want to live a conscious lifestyle.
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