065: Jason Smith’s Sales Synergistics Process


EVERY business exists to make money. Without it, they will surely fail. This #1 need kickstarts the sales process and it’s the reason we’re kicking off Season 6 (Profitable Processes) with the topic. In this episode, sales guru Jason Smith shares his sales synergistics process for aligning all business units of a company to maximize revenue potential. Learn about his 5-ring framework for achieving this alignment and how to implement it in your business to prevent sales and operations silos as your company grows.


Special Guest: Jason Smith, Founder & CEOCIGRIE

Location:  Atlanta, GA  USA

Air Date: October 6, 2019


  • Sales Benchmark Index (SBI): a management consulting firm based in The Netherlands that specializes in sales and marketing techniques to help companies reach their revenue targets.
  • Sales Operations: an article that provides an in-depth explanation of sales operations.
  • Sales Transformation: an article describing the definition of sales transformation.
  • Gong.io: a tool to help “Generate more revenue by having better sales conversations with the #1 conversation intelligence platform for sales.”
  • Capterra: search for the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to suit your company’s needs on this site.
  • SalesLoft: the “#1 engagement platform that helps you understand your customers’ needs and respond in meaningful ways.”
  • Aslan Training: an award-winning, top-ranked sales training company.
  • Meetup.com: an international platform designed to help people with similar interests organize into groups for networking.
  • TAG Sales Leadership Society: the Technology Association of Georgia’s program for sales professionals.
  • European Sales & Marketing Association (ESMA): an organization for professional sales agents, distributors and manufacturers as well as sales and marketing organizations that represent the packaged consumer goods industry.

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