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Financial Electronic Records Management Process Template (Premium)

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Financial Electronic Records Management Process Template (Premium)


Managing electronic records for your company can be a tremendous challenge. You need a reliable way to retrieve and store information that will not only save time, but also protect your confidential files from getting into the wrong hands. This package of Electronic Records Management templates gives you and your staff a standard procedure to name, sort, protect, back-up and purge your company’s important financial records.

Available for immediate download.  See the description below for more details.


Product Description



  • Pre-filled templates
  • Designed specifically for small businesses
  • Implement a simple process for managing a variety of electronic records including:
    • scanned/digital receipts
    • online orders
    • bill pay confirmations
    • collection letters
    • financial statements (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
    • bank and credit card statements
    • tax returns
  • Cross-industry application
  • Create policies to protect digital data
  • Add to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans
  • Creative Commons license for training/teaching purposes


  • 1 zip file for immediate download after purchase
  • Process map (flowchart) template in two formats – MS PowerPoint and MS Visio
  • Procedure (step-by-step activities) template in MS Word
  • Instructions for customization and storage


  • Single page templates
  • Multiple formats (accommodate different learning/teaching styles)
  • Customizable (add your own logo or text)
  • Compatible with 2010 MS Word, PowerPoint and Visio
  • Print-ready
  • Store digitally on network or cloud
  • Easy access (not password protected)


  • MS Word and MS PowerPoint or MS Visio 2010 or newer
  • Basic knowledge of MS Word and MS PowerPoint or MS Visio

What to Do After Purchase:

  1. Download zip file to your computer
  2. Change each file’s name via “Save As” (optional)
  3. Open templates and read
  4. Customize (optional) – request 30 minutes free support
  5. Print or save
  6. Start getting organized!

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