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Accounts Receivable / Billing Process Template for Services (Premium)

Maximize Financial Value, Operations Manual, Template

Accounts Receivable / Billing Process Template for Services (Premium)


Not getting paid for services rendered leaves you in an unfortunate predicament.  You can fall behind on your own bills – not to mention, you deserve to get paid for your time and expertise!  When there is a noticeable problem with overdue client invoices, it's beneficial to reconsider your accounts receivable process and procedure.  These simple templates help you implement a more effective strategy to collect payments for your services in a courteous yet timely fashion.  Available for immediate download.


Product Description

**Accounts Receivable is also known as Billing or Invoicing in some industries**


  • Pre-filled template
  • Designed specifically for small businesses
  • Speed new hire training with a simple process
  • Cross-industry application
  • Minimize risk of financial loss on services rendered
  • Ensure full, legitimate payment for each transaction
  • Add to Operations Manual
  • Creative Commons license for training/teaching purposes

Client Testimonial:

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  • 1 zip file for immediate download after purchase
  • Process map (flowchart) template in two formats – MS PowerPoint and MS Visio
  • Procedure (step-by-step activities) template in MS Word
  • Instructions for customization and storage


  • Single page templates
  • Multiple formats (accommodate different learning/teaching styles)
  • Customizable (add your own logo or text)
  • Compatible with 2010 MS Word, PowerPoint and Visio
  • Print-ready
  • Store digitally on network or cloud
  • Easy access (not password protected)
  • MS Word and MS PowerPoint or MS Visio 2010 or newer
  • Basic knowledge of MS Word and MS PowerPoint or MS Visio

What to Do After Purchase:

  1. Download zip file to your computer
  2. Change each file’s name via “Save As” (optional)
  3. Open templates and read
  4. Customize (optional) – request 30 minutes free support
  5. Print or save
  6. Start getting paid!

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