015: How I Use Business Infrastructure in My Restaurant

At just 15-years-old, Sharron Lee knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur.  Her dreams came true when she opened her seafood restaurant — just one of several businesses she’d successfully start, grow and manage all while working a full-time job as a master data analyst!  This episode is unique in that Sharron is the first guest to talk about how she leverages business infrastructure in selling a tangible product.  Specifically, she shares her story of perseverance and tenacity in building her restaurant and candidly talks about recent challenges caused by fast growth.  Sharron also reveals how her background in computer science enables her to outfit her restaurant with the best technology to streamline and improve the overall customer experience while also remaining in compliance because, as she says, “You have to run a tight ship.”


Special Guest: Sharron Lee, Founder of Fresh Fish Seafood Market

Air Date: September 30, 2018


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