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Is Your Business Growing Faster Than You Can Keep Up With? Business Infrastructure Can Help!

So…What is Business Infrastructure?

A system for linking your people, processes and tools to ensure that scale happens in a repeatable, profitable, and sustainable way.

Discover How Business Infrastructure Can Provide Your Small Business with:

Solid Team Building

Processes that Deliver Consistent Results for Your Customers

The Right Technologies to Scale Fast Without Chaos

We’re Excited to Offer You a Free, One-Hour Webinar!

When you click the button to join our free webinar, we’ll ask you a few more questions. Your answers will help us get a sense of who you are and the status of your business so that we tailor the webinar to address your operational needs.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the key issues and solutions to day to day business operations and how you can run your business without being bogged down:

  • Figuring out what work needs to be done,
  • Assigning the best people to perform the work,
  • Understanding the work distribution,
  • Documenting the best way to do the work,
  • Achieving success with the help of available resources without breaking the bank,
  • Creating a business that is 50% more profitable than now, and more!

Includes a FREE 15 min discovery call on a first come, first basis with Alicia Butler Pierre.

Don’t Let Your Business Fail Just When You Start Gaining Traction

The first year of any new small business comes with many hurdles, but the first five years are crucial to establishing stable growth and expansion while gaining traction.

The global statistics of the rapid growth in small businesses and the rate of their success and failures is alarming.

Business Stability
small businesses in the US
new jobs created between March 2020 & March 2021
entrepreneurs on the earth
of global companies are small businesses
of jobs worldwide are provided by SMEs
of small business owners struggle to find suitable employees
of small enterprises fail in the very first year
of small enterprises fail within the first five years

Meet Your Facilitator, Alicia Butler Pierre

Alicia Butler Pierre is the founder and CEO of Equilibria, Inc. Her career in operations began over 20 years ago while working as a chemical engineer in various chemical plants and oil refineries. She’s since transferred her passion for manufacturing processes to business processes, becoming a pioneer in business infrastructure. She’s an international speaker as well as an adjunct instructor at Purdue University with over 1M downloads of her online content. Students often remark on Alicia’s ability to use practical examples and her warm personality which makes otherwise complex information more accessible and easy to understand.

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