What is Revenue Operations (RevOps)? Alison Elworthy, Executive Vice-President (HubSpot), Explains

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Operations is historically the last department to be invested in, but Alison Elworthy is on a mission to change that. As an Executive VP at HubSpot, she’s witnessed the company’s diversity evolution firsthand. Now, she’s advocating for a different type of diversity – diversity among departments that receive investment priority.

In this video, Alison explains what Revenue Operations (RevOps) is. She also reveals how HubSpot’s new Operations Hub software can transform a small business’s ability to connect and centralize workflows for cleaner data and a better customer experience.
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– HubSpot’s Operations Hub: https://www.hubspot.com/products/operations
– Get the full list of recommended resources: https://businessinfrastructure.tv/2021/06/13/153-diversity-digital-transformation-advancing-revenue-operations-with-alison-elworthy/

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