Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health While Navigating Changes at Work with Dr. Soliman

As a physician, scientist, MBA, and certified life coach, Dr. Soliman is a self-described lifelong learner. One important lesson he’s learned is that, as leaders, we make many energy-depleting decisions throughout the day. This impacts our ability to operate at peak performance.

In this episode, video Dr. Soliman teaches:
1) Why we should focus on energy management instead of time management,
2) Why we should beware of cognitive dissonance (saying you don’t care when you do or should), and
3) How diversity, inclusion, and fast-paced technologies impact our mental health. Dr. Soliman also shares his 3-phase process for helping people navigate these changes to achieve the best outcome, which ultimately is a win for them, their companies, and their customers!

#mentalhealth #diversity

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