Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health While Navigating Changes at Work with Dr. Soliman

As a physician, scientist, MBA, and certified life coach, Dr. Soliman is a self-described lifelong learner. One important lesson heโ€™s learned is that, as leaders, we make many energy-depleting decisions throughout the day. This impacts our ability to operate at peak performance.

In this episode, video Dr. Soliman teaches:
1) Why we should focus on energy management instead of time management,
2) Why we should beware of cognitive dissonance (saying you donโ€™t care when you do or should), and
3) How diversity, inclusion, and fast-paced technologies impact our mental health. Dr. Soliman also shares his 3-phase process for helping people navigate these changes to achieve the best outcome, which ultimately is a win for them, their companies, and their customers!

#mentalhealth #diversity

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