The Operational Excellence Strategy for Expanding Amazon Prime Video with Tim Leslie

Trillion-dollar companies aren’t built overnight. It takes a customer-centric model, a willingness to fail, and a relentless pursuit of innovation paired with operational excellence. No one knows this better than Tim Leslie. He’s the corporate law attorney turned former 20-year Amazon executive that led the expansion of Prime Video into 200 countries.

When Prime launched in 2005, it didn’t make a profit for five or six years. Now, it’s one of Amazon’s three greatest inventions alongside AWS and Marketplace.

In this episode (and his first-ever podcast interview), Tim shares the playbook he used to scale Prime Video. Specifically, he highlights the hiring strategy, turnkey processes, and other tools that made rapid expansion possible. He even addresses some of Amazon’s controversies and fills us in on his latest passion – working with small organic suppliers. Discover the A to Z of how to take an idea for a new service or product from a seed to a juggernaut!

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