Setting Up Your Home Office to Maximize Comfort & Productivity – Featuring Logitech Products

The average person makes 3 million keystrokes a year and the average mouse moves 16 miles a year. Think about that! These stats aren’t surprising when you consider how much we rely on our laptops and mobile devices to do our work.

Their lightweight and portability make them easy for us business leaders to take with us just about anywhere. But spending hours working on a laptop with hunched shoulders and bent wrists is both bad for business and your physical wellbeing.

That’s where Logitech comes in. They design best-in-class mice, keyboards, webcams, and other products that ensure comfort and mobility. In this episode, Art O Gnimh, a VP at Logitech, shares how to select the right mouse and keyboard and set them up in our home offices to maximize productivity and minimize pain.

Find out what Logitech means when they say, “Feel Better, Do Better.”
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