How Vertify Connects Sales & Marketing Data to Help Business Leaders Make Better Decisions

As business leaders, we understand the importance of incorporating technology into workflows. It can significantly streamline the way your company operates. But it’s rare that you can find one technology to accommodate all aspects of your organization. And this is where things can get complicated.

Different technologies often don’t communicate with each other. It also means having to export data from multiple sources and feed them into a clunky spreadsheet for analysis. What was supposed to be a more streamlined process dream becomes an inefficient nightmare.

That’s where Vertify comes in. It connects data from other digital technologies, like Salesforce and Hubspot, to provide insights to revenue teams. In this episode, Wayne Lopez, the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Vertify, gives a live demo to show how it connects data and unifies teams in making better-informed decisions from a single source of truth.
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