How to Protect Your Idea with a Patent featuring SenseHydro, LLC

Tasked with creating something that does good for the world, a group of nine 10th and 11th graders conceived the HydroHat. It’s a wearable technology designed to reduce heat-related stress and injuries. Though rejected by MIT for a $10k development grant, they forged ahead anyway.

Under the tutelage of their teacher, Rachna Nath, they formed a company called SenseHydro and began designing a prototype. Later, they received a $50k grant to continue their research and development to fund their product line which now includes over 60 designs!

In this episode, these young inventors/entrepreneurs give a live demo of their process from ideation to prototype design and patent protection.

If you’ve been sitting on an idea and not sure how to protect it, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode! Watch and be inspired!

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