How to Improve a Kitting Process for Your D-I-Y Product – Sebastian & Melanie Flores

When an adolescent’s creativity is unleashed, magical things can happen. That’s possible through support and access to the right resources to transform their ideas into businesses. At 14-years-old, Sebastian Flores has both. As CEO of OctoGifts and well on his way to becoming a business mogul. Melanie Flores, his mom, lends her engineering and educator skills for operational support.

What started as a unique handmade gift for his sweet-toothed friend, has now blossomed into a viable small business. But growing demand requires a more streamlined workflow. Being able to quickly assemble the materials for the D-I-Y kit can impact the time to deliver an order.

In this live consultation, Alicia gives them tips for documenting their kitting process as part of their overall service delivery workflow. Watch through to the end because Alicia will demonstrate exactly how to do this so that you can apply the same techniques in your company.
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