Being Boss – Emily Thompson on Achieving Operational Excellence in Her Retail Company

Emily Thompson epitomizes being boss. In fact, six years ago she co-founded a podcast by the same name, and it quickly became a formidable movement for creatives around the world. But her success didn’t start there. It began with her love for geography. That love spawned a series of successful businesses with the latest being Almanac Supply Co. – a retail operation offering nature-inspired goods.

This venture’s success hinges on her process advocacy. In an industry where profit margins are traditionally tight, having an even tighter order-to-delivery process is key to fulfilling demand and reaching economies of scale.

In this episode, Emily describes:
✅ A term she coined, “small batch retail,”
✅ The optimal combination of people, processes, and tools required to navigate supply chain constraints and achieve operational excellence in it.
✅ Why Emily says every leader needs a wolf pack and the importance of performing annual process audits.

#operations #retail

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