2020 Women’s Economic Forum: Strategies for Scaling Service-Based Businesses w/Alicia Butler Pierre

2020 marked the first year the Women Economic Forum (WEF) hosted its annual event digitally. WEF is the forum arm of ALL Ladies League, the world’s largest global women chamber with 1,000 chapters and outreach to 1.5M inspiring women in 150 countries.

The event’s theme was “Reconnect. Reboot. Reset: Re-Energizing the Enterprises in the New World.” It featured over 400 speakers including world leaders, industry experts, and celebrities. Alicia Butler Pierre was one of the experts invited to speak.

Alicia was one of two speakers asked to present on the topic, “Strategies for Scaling Up Service Based Businesses.” The WEF provided a unique opportunity for her to give a TED-like talk where she could actually demonstrate her framework for creating business infrastructure.
Learn More at: https://aliciabutlerpierre.com

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