082: Scaling with SEO with Don Sevcik


Have you ever put your business on hiatus so that you could recalibrate?  That’s what Don Sevcik, CEO of MathCelebrity.com, did and it paid off handsomely.  After five years in business, his company reached a plateau of 250k visitors per month.  Although things were going well, there were certain math problems that his site could not solve.  In this episode, Don explains how the decision to take that hiatus led him to not only reach 3.75 million unique visitors but also to solve any math problem in 1/3 of 1 second!

Special Guest: Don Sevcik, CEOMathCelebrity.com

Location:  Chicago, IL  USA

Air Date: February 2, 2020


  • Free Traffic Frenzy: How to Get 450,000+ Website Visitors: Don’s book.
  • College Prep Confidential: Don’s podcast offering tips for getting into your dream university.
  • Google Sheets: a free, web-based spreadsheet tool for real-time collaboration.
  • Site Search: Google’s internal search monitoring tool that “lets you understand the extent to which users took advantage of your site’s search function, which search terms they entered, and how effectively the search results created deeper engagement with your site.”
  • Google Analytics: a free Google tool that tracks and reports website traffic.
  • Hotjar: a visual heat mapping tool that provides insights about visitors’ behavior and interaction while on your website.
  • Crazy Egg: a visual heat mapping tool providing insights to make your website better by learning what’s working and what isn’t.
  • UserTesting.com: a website that records users as they test or interact with your website giving your access to insights to improve your product/service, messaging, and customer experience.
  • Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web and Mobile Usability: a book by Steve Krug.

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