137: How I Scale Companies with Agile & Digital Transformation featuring Lynn Bonner


Lynn Bonner’s tenure at Big 4 consulting firms, as a VP at U.S. Bank, and as a Founder is a trifecta of scaling success stories. She knows it takes energy, leadership, and action to get things done. As the CEO of her firm, Action Leadership Lab, she applies agile and digital transformation principles from her corporate experience to scale her clients’ companies. In this episode, Lynn shares how to build and scale a sustainable business in short, incremental steps.

Special Guest: Lynn Bonner, Founder & CEOAction Leadership Lab

Location: Atlanta, GA  USA

Air Date: February 21, 2021


  • The Lead Collective: Action Leadership Lab’s membership program that provides a space “…where new and seasoned Agile Coaches, Business Coaches, and Leaders stand up, take charge, and expand their arsenal with new tools, immersive learning, tips, and techniques.”
  • Action Leadership Lab Toolkit: Lynn’s blog containing articles that give insights and practical tips for building, managing, and coaching your team through agile and digital transformation.
  • Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI): the ELI measures how team members show up energetically. Specifically, it’s a “…proprietary, research-backed assessment tool that takes something abstract, like the way a person views the world, and turns it into something tangible—a metric that you can see and feel and even reevaluate in the future.”
  • Kolbe A™ Index: a 36-question assessment designed to help individuals and leaders understand their natural strengths so that teams can operate more productively and effectively.
  • Asana: a web-based project and task management tool designed to help teams better organize, track, and manage their work.
  • Zoom: a web-based tool that offers audio and video recording of webinars, conference calls, presentations, meetings, and more.  Also includes screen sharing for enhanced collaboration.
  • Loom: video recording software that can bring your whiteboarding or other demonstrations to life with your virtual team.
  • Headliner: a web-based app that creates promotional videos based on podcast clips to post across social media platforms. It also has an automated feature to create audiograms as soon as new podcast episodes are released.

Agile [Described] in Under 3 Minutes

What is Agile Transformation? Is That How You Become Agile?

What is Digital Transformation?

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  • Producer & Host: Alicia Butler Pierre
  • Podcast Editor: Olanrewaju Adeyemo
  • Sponsor: Equilibria, Inc.


More About Guest, Lynn Bonner:
Lynn Bonner is your “go to” person when you want real tangible fast results in your business. Her approach addresses the most important aspects of your business: People & Processes with an emphasis on directing energy towards the right things at the right time with the right people for business agility in an ever-evolving environment.

She’s earned a reputation as a dynamic and accomplished leader with expertise in building strategies to address risks and meet the needs of large-scale organizations. Her progressive experience has led to success across her 20+ year career with industry leaders like Deloitte, Accenture, AT&T, and U.S. Bank. Easily able to move from high-level strategy and planning to hands-on executive leadership coaching, she ensures that companies and clients enjoy the best possible results.

Since 2016, Lynn has enabled superb results as the Founder of Action Leadership Lab, while also acting as a VP – Agile Transformation Leader with U.S. Bank. Yes, the ability to do both is possible. As a client-focused professional, she excels in building organizational agile transformation roadmaps, defining Enterprise metrics, driving SAFe initiatives, and positively impacting up to 12% in new business revenues.


More About Host, Alicia Butler Pierre:
Alicia Butler Pierre is the Founder & CEO of Equilibria, Inc.. Her career in operations began over 20 years ago while working in various chemical plants and oil refineries. She invented the Kasennu™ framework for business infrastructure and authored, Behind the Façade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success.  It is the world’s first published book on business infrastructure for small businesses. Alicia hosts the weekly Business Infrastructure podcast with a global audience across 38+ countries.


More About Sponsor, Equilibria:
Equilibria, Inc. is a 15-year-old boutique operations management consulting firm. We build the business infrastructure necessary for fast-growing businesses to scale with less pain. With a range of services and products, entrepreneurs can get the operational support and resources they need on-demand.


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