127: Let’s Identify & Document Key Business Processes with Cornelius Dowdell


Workflow improvement stumps small and large businesses alike. Where do you start? What framework will you use? As the founder of an emerging H.R. consultancy, Cornelius “Neil” Dowdell faces these questions regularly. One thing’s for sure – you have to identify and document processes before you can improve them. In this live consultation, Alicia shows Neil how simple tools like stick figures and note cards can help to quickly identify processes and more!

Special Guests: Cornelius Dowdell, Founder & CEOThe Nelius Strategy

Location: Atlanta, GA  USA

Air Date: December 13, 2020


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  • Producer & Host: Alicia Butler Pierre
  • Podcast Editor: Olanrewaju Ade
  • Video Editor: Gladys Jimenez
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More About Guest, Cornelius Dowdell:
Cornelius “Neil” Dowdell is a sought-after global high potential professional focusing on operational efficiency, human capital management, leadership development, and consulting. He has more than 20 years’ experience in leadership, management, consulting, and leading operational and program teams in human resources, corporate learning, and career planning. Cornelius is renowned for his ability to develop potential leaders, streamline operational processes, and create value within organizations. He believes that we all have inspired strengths and gifts that we should maximize in our life’s work, which led him to become an entrepreneur and start The Nelius Strategy, LLC.


More About Host, Alicia Butler Pierre:
Alicia Butler Pierre is the Founder & CEO of Equilibria, Inc. Her career in operations began over 20 years ago while working in various chemical plants and oil refineries. She invented the Kasennu™ framework for business infrastructure and authored, Behind the Façade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success.  It is the world’s first published book on business infrastructure for small businesses. Alicia hosts the weekly Business Infrastructure podcast with a global audience across 38+ countries.


More About Sponsor, rVidi:
rVidi is the easy app that lets you communicate via video soundbites in your own time in a public or private group setting. Learn more and download for free at rVidi.com.  Currently available for iOS; Android development coming soon!

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