058: The One Thing You Need to Know About Data Privacy – Jodi Daniels


Are you someone I can trust? Jodi Daniels says the answer to this question determines whether potential customers will do business with you. As a data privacy expert, she keeps her finger on the pulse of privacy policies that affect every sized business. In this episode, Jodi details the business infrastructure required to support a strong data privacy strategy. Find out why she says your company needs to comply with GDPR and CCPA legislation even if you aren’t in the business of selling data.

Special Guest: Jodi Daniels, Founder & CEORed Clover Advisors

Location: Atlanta, GA  USA

Air Date: August 11, 2019


  • 8 Steps to CCPA Compliance – download Jodi’s process for FREE
  • Information Commissioner’s Office: the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights.
  • Information Association of Privacy Professionals: “The world’s largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community,” that “…brings together the people, tools and global information management practices you need to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving information economy.”
  • Federal Trade Commission: the U.S. federal agency with a unique dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition.
  • National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: a collaborative effort between U.S. government and industry to raise awareness about cybersecurity (held annually in October).
  • StaySafeOnline: an organization powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance with a mission to “educate and empower our global digital society to use the internet safely and securely.
  • Data Security Tools:

Dropbox: cloud storage solution
Box: cloud storage solution
Nord VPN: secure virtual private network for internet access
CyberGhost: secure virtual private network for internet access
Two-Factor Authentication: set up extra protection for accessing your apps and software with this article.
Encrypt your laptop – an article from the Guardian featuring different laptop encryption tools
LastPass App: digital password manager
AVAST – free anti-virus and scanning software

  • Watch Jodi’s Presentation on Data Privacy at the Small Business Matters Conference:

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