016: Demonstrate, Duplicate & Delegate: Nia Imani’s Formula for Success


In this heartfelt episode, serial entrepreneur and real estate mogul, Nia Imani, explains how her personal mantra of “demonstrate, duplicate and delegate,” has enabled her to create and implement key systems that facilitate her bi-coastal lifestyle while expanding her business across multiple states and most recently, multiple countries.  Tune in to hear how she flipped her first home at 24-years-old and used the proceeds as seed money to build and franchise a janitorial services company.  Eventually, she sold that company and started a new one specializing in legacy lifestyle management.  Nia did all of this and more without the higher education some equate with success.  Don’t forget to download this episode – it’s a keeper!

Special Guest: Nia Imani, CEO of Fabulous Life International

Air Date: October 7, 2018


  • Streaming Success – resources from Nia’s company to inspire women to consciously create a wealth-building blueprint; includes access to her emerging international program, W.E.A.L.T.H.
  • Undercover Boss – a television show highlighting the disconnect between executives and front-line employees
  • Tom Ferry – YouTube channel offering guidance on building a real estate business

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